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Brief introduction

Quanzhou Passion Clothing Co., Ltd is located in Quanzhou China. It is a professional manufacturer and exporter which sets producing and selling textile & garments as one. We develops the company with "people-oriented, integrity, pragmatic, creative, shared" management philosophy, insisting on good quality, best service, high-efficient operation and owns a creative team, We believe that we will achieve win-win situation with our customers through our continuous efforts and pursuit. 
Main products

Our company is mainly dealing with men′s, women′s, and children′s clothing, such as: Outdoor taping jacket, Ski jacket, Sporty wear, yoga and running garments etc...

Main customers

We advocate the European and South American market and cooperate with brands like 4F, SKECHER, RUCANOR, NEW BALANCE, RESCUE, SCANIA, UMBRO, TARGET. KILLETC and so on. 

Quality control

Quality determines the fate of the enterprise. It is the motto of every staffs in our company. We produce our products under the following standards: ISO9001, Quality Assurance (ISO9002), American standard 4-points fabric inspection standard and AQL dress quality control standard. At the same time, we improve our lab continuously to guarantee good quality; Otherwise, we cooperate well with ITS/SGS/MTL which can provide our customer third-party lab testing service. 

Moreover, our factory has passed BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) audit and got the full score-2 points. This means that our company is up to high standard. And we believe that this is important and helpful for both you and us. That really makes us feel more confident to compete with other suppliers. 

Our Advantages

Our company owns a garment production base with excellent sales, purchase, technology, production team and modern mechanical equipment. Besides, we cooperate well with the suppliers of fabric and accessories from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. Furthermore, we have established a CAD Plate Making Center with full equipments and a standard textile lab which make us control the quality more strictly. That′s why we can control quality and cost well. And the competitive price, good quality, best service and in-time delivery help us win the hearts of our customers all over the world. So please believe that we can provide you more choices, professional service, competitive price and good quality. 

With our domestic and overseas customers′ support, our company developed rapidly. And we will continue sincerity business style, strict and high-efficient work style, realistic and innovative development concept, go ahead steadily and surely, and then expand our production scale continuously. Hope to develop with the enterprises all over the world and create a final win-win situation.

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